US Marine Corps Ranks and Divisions

The different marine corps ranks are divided according to where individuals are located in the military. More than this, each division that is in the marine corp. is divided according to various missions, combined with the organization of individuals that have rank and position within each division of the military. Within the marine corp. are five main divisions that are currently active and which pertain to different locations and missions. These divisions in the army then continue with marine corps ranks that allow each individual to have the best understanding of their placement and role within their field of expertise.

The first marine division is based out of California and is a unit of the Marine Expeditionary Force. This is the oldest division in the military and is known for having several roles within one unit. The main concern of this division is to provide ground combat elements, also known as GCEs. There is also task oriented jobs to assist with various operations through various environments. This is followed by the second marine division, which is based out of North Carolina. This particular marine corp. division also supplies ground combat elements.

The third base for divisions is located in Okinaway Japan as an infantry division. This Third Marine Division includes a logistics group and expeditionary force as well with it’s first introduction being an outcome from needed combat during the Vietnam War. The 4th Marine Division, is a reserve that is based out of Louisiana and is also known as a ground combat element. However, the focus of this division is to provide training for combat and to keep levels of security and protection available in case of a war.

These main divisions within the marine corp. continue with the 5th and 6th divisions. While these two combat divisions are inactive, they are still recognized for the services provided during World War II. These divisions were implemented during war time to assist in battle and included a combination of infantry and combat troops that were used overseas. These provided alternative solutions during the war, which are no longer necessary as a part of active duty in the marine corp.

With the different divisions that are available are also specific organizational structures that are a part of each of the combat areas. It is through this that individuals are able to gain marine corps ranks. While each of these alters according to the main missions, others have been divided according to camps as well as the main function and role of that division. These are first divided into units, each which is responsible for a specific form of combat. This continues into marine corps ranks of various officers to ensure that times of war are provided with the correct responsibilities and actions by each of the combat units.

With the various placement of divisions available, are strategic arenas in which the military is able to operate from. Doing this has provided alternative ways of defense for the US military, while providing various individuals with different missions and alternatives for the needs of the military. Understanding the placement and roles of the divisions within the military is one that introduces you to the several roles and missions that are a part of the marine corp. and the marine corps ranks.

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    what does this mean, PVT BTRY L 12 MAR 4 BN??

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